Decades of (in)Experience follows the weekly misadventures of Luke Carlin, a thirty-something who hasn’t quite figured it out. Like a lot of us he lives on the paycheck-to-paycheck merry-go-round, searching for meaningful connections and numbing his emotions to avoid the mess that is his own existence. If he could simply break in to the comics industry and get a handle on his chronic depression everything would be coming up roses. Piece of cake, right?

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Alex Schumacher is an author/illustrator whose first notable work, The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung, was published in 2013 by Arcana Studios. This was followed closely by his first picture book, The World’s Crummiest Umbrella, from Wandering in the Words Press in 2014 as well as some storyboarding projects for DreamWorks and a smattering of indie comics jobs. 2017 saw the release of his first collection of literary magazine comics, Defiling the Literati, which earned a ten out of ten star review from Bleeding Cool News. Alex currently produces Decades of (in)Experience for Antix Press and the monthly misadventures of Mr. Butterchips for Drunk Monkeys.

Learn about more of his work by visiting his site at https://alexschumacherart.com/.


Antix Press’ original incarnation as a Los Angeles-based, independent comic book publisher launched in August 2007. As Editor-in-Chief, Francis Lombard set the creative tone for the company, networked with talent, and developed a publishing slate. In January 2009 Antix published their first comic book “Dr. Grave.” Unfortunately, with the loss of financing the company was shuttered in 2009. Reborn in 2015, Antix Press is now the home of the Decades of (in)Experience webcomic, the Portrait of an Editor podcast, and the place for other wild ideas.

Find out more about the publisher by visiting their site at http://antixpress.com/.