Several podcasts and comics news outlets joined Alex and Antix Press in celebrating the recent release of the 200th Decades of (in)Experience episode. Below are links to each individual entry. Thank you to all who took the time to join us in commemorating this milestone!

Adrian Has Issues: Initially interviewed by Adrian in 2017, Adrian once invited Alex back on the podcast for a catch-up of sorts. Listen to their conversation about Decades, authenticity, and peanut butter cups in the episode he titled Gen-X Sisyphus.

Spoiler Country: Following a false start due to technical difficulties, Spoiler Country’s “man on the street” Casey Allen and Alex had a spirited conversation regarding the history of the webcomic and what readers may expect next.

Bleeding Cool: The lovely Lauren Sisselman of Bleeding Cool is a stalwart supporter of indie creators, having even written previously about Decades in 2018. In her latest article, Lauren cordially assisted in our efforts to commemorate this particular landmark.

Fanbase Press: Following up on an interview from 2019, the magnificent Barbra Dillon was kind enough to conduct an interview with Alex & Francis Lombard (EIC of Antix Press) regarding their work relationship and the history of the webcomic. Read the interview in its entirety here.