Marginally Content Pills – 3/2/18

They aren’t a cure-all, but the happy meds can certainly be of assistance to some of us.

Ep 7


No More Butts! – 2/23/18

Ep 6

Legend Over Coffee*** – 2/16/18

Ep 5

*** Teddy Morris is based on my actual mentor and friend, the late, great Morrie Turner.


New Age Prescriptions – 1/9/18

Luke’s continued battle against hipster millennials.

Ep 4-2


Back to Life – 2/2/18

Luke returns from a short stint in Limbo…

Ep 3


The George Bailey of it All – 1/26/18

Ep 2


Purgatory – 1/19/18

DECADES OF (in)EXPERIENCE year 3 has arrived! Let me or my publisher Antix Press know what you think of the new full-page comic format.

Ep 1


Drunk Death, NYE: 2017 – 12/30/17

DECADES OF (in)EXPERIENCE becomes a full-page webcomic in 2018! As an introduction to the shift/palate cleanser, here is the DRUNK DEATH New Year’s Eve 2017 edition.

DD 12-30-17